Collection: THE BIG MOVE SALE !

We're SO excited to share that we're MOVING WAREHOUSE! It makes sense to streamline before we move - so we're SLASHING prices over the next few days and will gradually add everything into THE BIG MOVE SALE as we stock count and get packed up. You'll get fabulous bargains and we'll hopefully reduce the volume of stock we need to move! Use the handy size filter to easy see what's available in your size.

As part of our 2023 overhaul & refresh, we've taken the decision to discontinue around 80% of our current range to make way for the new - so you'll see items disappearing for good over the next few days as the remaining few pieces sell out. We'll update the website with any extra pieces that sometimes pop up during stock takes - so be sure to keep checking back!

We're thrilled that the March leggings pre-orders are arriving in the next few days and will be despatching very soon! We've popped all available un-reserved new stock into the New Arrivals section. (These won't be included in the BIG MOVE SALE)